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Lipo Laser

The Painless Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction with Instant Results

Lipo Laser is a non-surgical cold laser procedure that uses low level, laser-based light to reduce the stubborn, subcutaneous fat on targeted areas of your body. Lip Laser treatment reduces inches in targeted area of the body. Including the abdomen, thighs, arms, underarms, chin, waist and back. Most customers will clearly see a reduction of fat loss after treatment in the abdominal region. Other regions of treatments including arms, chins and thighs will see fat loss proportionally asl well.

During a Lipo Laser session, laser energy painlessly penetrates the skin and focuses on fat cells.


Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage treatment which is a recommended procedure after any form of body contouring procedures. Pressotherapy reduces water retention and helps the body remove toxins and waste products out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in a very time and efficient way.

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Improving sluggish lymphatic drainage and venous return
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • To have a soft and comfortable massage
  • Improving Blood vessel thrombosis
  • Preventing and improving varicose veins

Pressotherapy Air pressure slimming / detox system


Pressotherapy is a compression technique designed to help improve overall circulation and tone up the circulatory system for faster detoxification and elimination. Pressotherapy (also known as alternate compression therapy) is a mechanized lymphatic drainage technique that fights water retention by applying intermittent compression on one or more parts of the body – typically the legs.

Pressotherapy reduces water retention and helps the body remove toxins and waste products out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The body then naturally expels toxins, excess water and waste products. For these reasons, pressotherapy is an ideal treatment for cellulite prevention and reduction, either on its own or in combination with other treatments – depending on the type and severity of cellulite.

Plaster Body Wrap

Hard cast bandages. You can lose up to 4 inches of the desired area. Wrap must be worn for at least 4 hours.

Can be worn outside the spa.

An innovative treatment designed to sculpt and tone the body and help in the reduction of inches. This body wrap reduces localized fat, lifts and hydrates, minimizes stretch marks, and molds your silhouette.

Lipo Belt

Designed to help you target stubborn belly buldge, back fat, and love handles – PLUS smooth out dimples from cellulite on thighs and shrink stubborn back-of-arm fat for tighter, slimmer looking thighs and arms. Begin harnessing the Power of the Freeze, and discover what it can do for your body.

Integrate the power of Cryotherapy to enhance your body treatment results
Lipo Belt lets you harness the power of Cryotherapy right at home!
Freeze the fat away in the comfort of your own home!

Delivers advanced spot contouring directly at stubborn muffin tops, back fat, belly flab and cellulite

Exercise & Toning Tables

Introducing the No-Sweat workout, the latest concept in Exercise!!
A new and perfect toning system that allows you to exercise effortlessly, a concept that will tone your body while sacrificing very little time and effort.

Unlike traditional forms of exercise that leave you feeling tired and out of breath, the beds workout actually energizes your body. These machines help tone and firm your muscles, while flushing out the fat inducing acid waste from your system. Your body ends up with a trimmer figure and healthy surplus of oxygen.

No Sweat. No huffing and puffing.

And best of all, everyone loses inches!

Why Choose Face Beautiful

Come discover Face Beautiful European Skin Care Spa –  an intimate place completely dedicated to your beauty and well being.  A luxurious private facility in a beautiful area, with a cosy, comfortable reception area.

We are committed to providing you with the most exquisitely effective and relaxing skin care treatments available anywhere in South Texas.  We want to you leave us feeling you had an OMG experience!

Founded in 1983, most trusted Spa in McAllen

We have been dedicated to bringing our clients the very best in natural and organic based beauty products and services.

A Destination Spa Experience that's unmatched

Face Beautiful is a haven for those looking for an amazing experience along with a holistic approach to looking and feeling one’s best.

Love it here! Face beautiful always has cool stuff going on. They have the most friendly and fun staff. Diana takes extra good care of me! Highly recommend.

LIz T.

The staff was professional, fun, thorough, and great at what whey do! You can tell they really care about their work. I love my skin! It looks and feels the best it’s ever been.

Maria G.

Absolutely a wonderful experience. I was happy with the professionalism and personalization. I had great results and felt relaxed and relieved. I left with warm fuzzy feelings. Great spa!

Jose R

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